We, Bosseini Living in partnership with LIV Communities, its related and affiliated entities and those licensees using the “Bosseini Living” and “LIV Communities” trademark, are committed to protecting your right to privacy. This privacy policy informs you of our practices relating to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information and tells you about the ways we ensure that your privacy and the confidentiality of your information are protected.

What Does “Personal Information” Mean?

Information about identifiable individuals and includes contact information (for example, name, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number), demographic information, household information, preference information and transaction-related information. Personal information does not include business information, such as an individual’s business address and telephone number.

Using Personal Information

Bosseini Living in partnership with LIV Communities uses personal information that it collects for the following limited purposes:

Disclosing Personal Information

We knowingly disclose personal information when we have received your consent to do so or under limited circumstances specifically described when personal information is collected. However, we will disclose personal information without such consent when such disclosure is permitted or required by law.

We will not knowingly disclose personal information to any third parties except:

Retaining Personal Information

At such time as personal information is no longer required for the purposes stated in this Privacy Statement or other statutory requirements, such personal information will be made anonymous or destroyed.

Protecting Personal Information

To ensure the security of our customers’ personal information we have designated a Privacy Officer to be responsible for the care and control of personal information.

Although we take great care in protecting the security of personal information stored in our databases, information transmitted over the Internet can be intercepted by unauthorized parties. Bosseini Living in partnership with LIV Communities does not assume any liability for any unauthorized use or interception of personal information over the internet by third parties. In addition, we do not assume liability for any unauthorized use of personal information collected by third parties with websites that are the current or future subject of a link from our website.

Cookies and Personalization Technologies

The Bosseini Living in partnership with LIV Communities website uses cookies, a small text file (up to 4KB) created by our website through your browser that is stored on your digital device either temporarily for that session only or permanently on the device’s memory storage hardware. Cookies may provide a way for us to recognize you and keep track of your behaviour and preferences to allow us to offer you individual and personalized service on website pages and commercial electronic communications such as email.

In addition to cookies, our website may use session variables, web beacons/tracking tags, other technologies and third-party software services to provide you with unique individual experiences.

Depending on the digital devices and the software you use to access our website, you may have the option to disable or clear the cookies and other technology that may identify you. Consult your user guide or other resources on how to do this. However, by doing so you will not benefit from the personalization of service we can provide. You may not be able to use all the features of our website, store your preferences, our webpages may not display properly, and you may not receive personalized and timely commercial electronic messages with high value offers.

Third-party Cookies In addition to our own cookies, we may also use third-party cookies for the purposes of gathering and storing web traffic data, advertising and media services, social media channels and other uses.

Contact Us

Should you have any questions or comments about our privacy policy and/or practices, we invite you to contact us in one of the following ways:


1 Duncan Mill Rd., North York, ON M3B 1Z2

Email: info@bosseini.com

Phone: 416.386.0222

This Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time.