Project Facts

1. The Site is approximately 0.35 hectares (0.86 acres) in size, located in the district of North York in the City of Toronto. The Site consists of three parcels located on the west side of Yonge Street and south of Moore Park Avenue (with frontage on both roads). The Site is currently occupied by a one-storey commercial unit and two single detached homes.

2. The surrounding area is comprised of a variety of land uses including mid and high-rise apartment buildings, single family homes, retail plazas, Centerpoint Mall and public facilities such as a school and parks.

3. The immediate surrounding area is mostly composed of low-rise commercial buildings, older slab-style apartment buildings and low density residential, in addition to the Centerpoint Mall. Many dwelling types in the Newtonbrook West area are apartments in buildings greater than five storeys (49%) generally built in the 1970s to 1990s, with some newer development along Yonge Street in the early 2000s. A mixture of ground-oriented residential dwellings, specifically older single detached units (28%), make up much of the remaining housing stock.

4. Along Yonge Street, there are several new apartment buildings that are planned and/or under construction and are surrounded by a neighbourhood comprised of older single detached dwellings, mixed in with newer contemporary detached dwellings. This area is evolving to meet the growing needs of the City, as evident by the numerous development applications in the area.

5. The Site is within the area covered by the Yonge Street North Secondary Plan which is Official Plan Amendment 615 (“OPA 615”) which was adopted by Council at its meeting held on July 19 to 22, 2022. The Site is within 500 metres of the proposed Steeles TTC subway station.

Summary of Proposed Design

6. The Applications propose a 25-storey mixed-use apartment building with a daycare space at grade (the “Development Proposal”). It includes a total of 347 residential units consisting of a variety of 1-bedroom (56%), 2-bedroom (33%) and 3-bedroom (11%) units, comprising a total gross floor area of 25,092 square metres within a site area of 0.35 hectares (0.86 acres) representing a Floor Space Index of 7.2.

7. The proposed residential building would be situated to the east of an existing low-density residential neighbourhood. As set out in OPA 615, it is planned that the existing low-density neighbourhood will evolve to a mid-rise form. The proposed development steps down to 4-storeys to the west which will respect the existing built-form context while also providing for a massing that will complement the future evolution of the neighbourhood. The development transitions to a tower built-form moving east towards Yonge Street which will mitigate against any wind, skyview and shadow impacts to the existing community.

8. The lobby, pet spa, garbage/loading area, and daycare space would occupy the first floor, along with ground-accessed residential units fronting on Moore Park Avenue. The Development Proposal provides for indoor and outdoor amenity space on the 8th floor, as well as an outdoor rooftop amenity area on the 25th floor. The indoor daycare space (760 square metres) with adjoining outdoor children’s play area (262 square metres) will provide much needed childcare space and help contribute to the City’s

goal to create 30,000 new licensed spaces by 2026. A separate pick-up/drop-off area will be provided at the rear of the building to facilitate safe and efficient vehicle movements, in addition to the main entrance along Yonge Street.

9. Vehicular traffic will access the proposed development through a new 6 metre private driveway off Moore Park Avenue. Access to the loading space is provided off this driveway and will be located internally within the building to visually screen it from the public realm. At the end of the private driveway is access to the underground parking garage. The main pedestrian access is proposed along Yonge Street, with a secondary pedestrian access proposed along Moore Park Avenue. The Development Proposal contains a total of 174 parking spaces to accommodate residential, retail and visitor parking needs. Parking will be provided in a three-Level underground parking structure which is accessed via the above-noted ramp. An additional 5 pick-up/drop-off spaces will be provided to facilitate daycare vehicular movements.

10. The Development Proposal provides for a minimum setback of 6.1 metres from the front lot line (Yonge Street) and 3.0 metres from the flankage lot line (Moore Park Avenue), which provides a transition from the public to private realm and the ability to provide streetscaping elements as part of the City’s complete streets initiative along Yonge Street. The Development Proposal will provide a more contemporary and revitalized streetscape for this segment of Yonge Street.

The 347 units are proposed in a mix of 195 one-bedroom/1-bedroom + den units (56%), 114 two-bedroom/2-bedroom + den units (33%), and 38 three-bedroom units (11%). The proposal has a GFA of 25,092m² with an FSI of 7.2.The 347 units are proposed in a mix of 195 one-bedroom/1-bedroom + den units (56%), 114 two-bedroom/2-bedroom + den units (33%), and 38 three-bedroom units (11%). The proposal has a GFA of 25,092m² with an FSI of 7.2.

The main pedestrian access to the residential portion building is proposed along Yonge near the corner with Moore Park, with a secondary entrance located on Moore Park at the west end of the podium. The daycare space would occupy just over 1,000m² of the ground level, with 760m² of indoor space fronting on Yonge, and 262 m² of outdoor space proposed ton the rear. No retail units are proposed.

A total of 1,539m² of amenity space is proposed; 754m² of it indoors, and 785m² of it outdoors, with a conjoined outdoor rooftop and indoor amenity space on its 8th level, while the lobby, pet spa, and loading area would occupy the ground level of the building along with eight ground-level accessed residential units fronting onto Moore Park and the daycare.

Vehicles would access the development from a private driveway off of Moore Park. Entrance to the 3-level, 174-space underground garage would be from the end of the

driveway. The garage would also house 261 bike-parking spaces. Five pick-up-drop-off spaces are proposed at grade for the daycare.

The TTC currently operates 14 bus routes that stop immediately in front of the property, providing service to Finch subway station which is 1.3 km south of the site. Approximately 500 metres north of the site is the planned Steeles station on the TTC Line 1 extension.


In order to convince the city to accept the proposed design, a meeting is set on March 20th, 2023 with the council. From this first mediation meeting we could get a better understanding of the city councillors standpoint on the number of stories that the city might approve.