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We Are An Exceptional Land Development Company

About us

Let us build your perfect Space

We buy properties and transform them into bespoke spaces that foster connection and memorable experiences. We collectively co-owns, create and manage some of Canada's best and most sustainable real estate.

Meet Bosseini Living

To Excellence.

Bosseini Living thrives on its commitment to value, quality, and strong partnerships. We specialize in residential-led mixed-use developments with successful projects across Canada.

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2. Interior design



Meet Bosseini Living


Yet Timeless.

Inspired by Canada's natural beauty, we carefully select residencies in locations that combine the luxury of waterfront living, and the convenience of the city, ensuring ultimate privacy and seclusion.

Site Assessment

Conduct thorough due diligence assessments to ensure project viability and compliance with regulations.

Site Design

Offer comprehensive site development design services, including planning and obtaining necessary permits and approvals.

Construction Oversight

Provide expert construction administration to manage projects efficiently and ensure quality outcomes.

Project Completion

Facilitate seamless project closeout, ensuring all tasks are completed satisfactorily and within regulatory standards.

Keep it the same - By blending distinctive design with innovative craftsmanship
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Invest in a

Sustainable Future

We guide you through every step, ensuring a hassle-free journey towards your new land investment.

A turnkey development system Specialist


We develop values

Since our real estate investments began, we have grown significantly in products and locations, allowing us to provide a diverse range of solutions to all our partners.



/ Vision & Analysis

Delve into client requirements, site capabilities, and market trends to Craft bespoke, sustainable blueprints integrating green spaces and cutting-edge amenities for vibrant community living.


/ Design & Planning

Formulate inventive designs that seamlessly integrate sustainability and practicality, elevating the urban environment through an efficient and eco-friendly approach.


/ Execution & Collaboration

Execute detailed construction strategies while promoting open communication and active community involvement, fostering a cohesive and prosperous project implementation.


/ Homebuyer Support

Our transparent guidance guarantees a smooth purchasing journey, complemented by ongoing post-purchase care, ensuring long-term resident contentment.

City marks


Life begins here.

At Bosseini Living, every project is unique, and every space holds its intrinsic value, meticulously crafted to be your ideal home. Location convenience and luxury are at the heart of every endeavor.


Urban design draws together the many strands of place-making, environmental stewardship, social equity and economic viability into the creation of places with distinct beauty and identity.

We excel in upscale residential and commercial ventures, dedicated to providing clients with a distinctive and luxurious lifestyle through a variety of options. Prioritizing our clients' needs, we meticulously craft each element to captivate and indulge the senses with stylish, opulent, and functional touches


Hawk Ridge Heights

2024 - 2026


Serenity Bay

2022 - 2025


The Cedars at Brydon Bay

2022 - 2024


Paradise By the Lake Phase 1

2021 - 2023


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